About the Society

Der Vorstand des FördervereinsThe Friends' executive committee with the former and current chairmen and the cash auditor (from left): Prof. Dr. Günter Morsch, Dieter Starke, Alice Ströver, Rainer E. Klemke, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kocka, Dr. Hans Otto Bräutigam and Dr. Jens Klocksin

Discussion with members of the party groups in the Brandenburg State Parliament on the draft law concerning the appointment of an official responsible for matters regarding the Stasi and dictatorship 2009

Discussion moderated by Alfred Biolek with contemporary eyewitnesses who were former inmates of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp 2010
l. to r. : Peter Josef Snep, Max Stern, Alfred Biolek, Mark Tilevich

Members‘ trip to Terezín 2010

Members visiting Natzweiler-Struthof memorial in 2015

The aims of the Friends are to provide support for academic research and publications as well as exhibitions and events organised by Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum. The Society’s activities also include purchasing objects for the Memorial’s collection and providing support for its educational work.

The Society of the Friends of Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum was founded in 1998 by prominent figures in industry, politics, academia and culture from Germany and abroad, as well as former inmates and their family members. It now has some 140 members, who live not only in Berlin or Brandenburg, but throughout Germany and around the world.

The Friends’ membership is pluralistic in the best sense, bringing together survivors of the concentration camp and former inmates of the Soviet Special Camp with academics, politicians and journalists, representatives from churches, trade unions and political parties, as well as artists, lawyers, teachers, diplomats and many others, to lend support and assistance to Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum in its efforts to keep remembrance of the history of Sachsenhausen alive. We are also very pleased that family members of the victims and of the perpetrators in the second and third generations can enter into dialogue with each other in our Society.

As well as providing moral and financial support for the Memorial, the Friends society also publishes a newsletter providing its members and any other interested people with information on the Friends and the work of Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum. It also organises events for members, including trips to various other memorials and museums.

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Members‘ trips

2000 - Ravensbrück Memorial
2001 - Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and Krakow
2003 - Death March Museum in Below near Wittstock
2004 - Documentation Centres at the Lieberose satellite concentration camp and Jamlitz Soviet Special Camp
2005 - Brandenburg/Have
2006 - Lichtenburg Concentration Camp Memorial in Prettin
2007 - Sonnenburg Concentration Camp Memorial in Słońsk, Poland
2008 - Neuengamme Memorial in Hamburg
2009 - Tröbitz and Torgau Documentation and Information Centre
2010 - Terezín Memorial in the Czech Republic
2011 - Death March Memorial in the Below Forest, Wöbbelin and Raben Steinfeld Concentration Camp Memorial
2012 - Esterwegen Memorial and Bergen-Belsen Memorial
2013 - Leistikowstrasse Potsdam Memorial, Brandenburg-Görden Prison Memorial and the Memorial to the Victims of Euthanasia Killings
2014 Gross-Rosen Museum and Wrocław (Breslau)
2015 Memorial to the victims of Nazi 'euthanasia' killings in Bernburg/Saale Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp memorial and Strasbourg
2016 - Ravensbrück Memorial

Here the current newsletter as a PDF file (German):