Medicine and crime: Sachsenhausen's camp infirmary

- a permanent exhibition in the historical barracks of the old infirmary.

The original infirmary barracks - R I and R II, were built during the very beginnings of the concentration camp and have recently been renovated in line with their status as historical monuments.

The exhibition 'medicine and crime' covers the different aspects of the theme including medical care, experiments conducted on the prisoners and the murder of infirmary patients. In addition, the exhibition demonstrates the role of Sachsenhausen concentration camp as a hospital for prisoners arrested on 20 July 1944 as well as its importance for international visitors and visitors from within Germany during the National Socialist regime. The pathology building and the old morgue are both part of the exhibition.

With around 800m² of floor space and 1,000 exhibits the exhibition is the ninth - and the largest - of the thirteen permanent exhibitions in the museum's decentral concept. The exhibition was designed by 'Büro Frey Aichele Team' (Berlin).

Further information will be available shortly.