The prison cells of Sachsenhausen concentration camp

The main information displayed in this exhibition, which opened in 1999 and describes the history of Sachsenhausen's camp prison, comes from court cases held against SS guards. Photographs, drawings and documents as well as biographies of some of the prisoners who were held in the cells are all used to tell the story and function of this part of the camp. One feature of the building's new concept has been to use the space provided by two of the cells for temporary exhibitions describing the lives of individual prisoners and groups of prisoners.

During the development of the new exhibition, the conservation of the building's original character was of central importance. For this reason, only six of the 26 cells in the remaining building house exhibitions and the exhibits are displayed in a way that retains as much as possible of the prison's character. There are small exhibits and a display case in two of the cells and a further cell has been reconstructed to show its original condition.

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