Visitor information centre

On 14 April 2004 the visitor information centre in the entrance to Sachsenhausen memorial, was opened by the state Minister for Culture Christina Weiss. The visitor centre is housed in the old armoury, a protected historical monument and presents the centre's services on around 650m².

The first port of call is the large reception room in the basement, where groups are welcomed on arrival and audio materials and information is available. The 13 permanent exhibitions and the history of the site is introduced with the help of multi-media presentations. A book shop is also situated in the basement offering literature on the NS regime, concentration camps and the history of the Soviet special camps.

In addition, rooms are available for group introductions to the site, seminars and working groups. The educational department's offices are also located here.

In front of the building there is a 2.5m x 3.5m bronze statue that looks out onto the site of the 40 hectare SS complex in Oranienburg.

The history of the armoury

The armoury building, now the visitor information centre, housed the camp command between the summer of 1938 and December 1940. The building was originally used for the maintenance of weapons and in 1941 as a slaughterhouse.

During the time of the Soviet special camp the building was used as a food store and from 1954 until 1990, it was used by the East German Nationale Volksarmee. Later the building was used for sport, a sauna and as a shop.

In 1990 the police took over the building, although they did not use it and as early as 1995 the first plans were made to use the building as a future visitor information centre. Finally in 1999 the site of the camp command, armoury and weapons store became the property of the Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkstätten.

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