The new entrance and visitor guides

During the renovation of the old armoury, the entrance to the lager - actually built in 1961 - was also renovated. Planned by Prof. HG Merz (Stuttgart/Berlin) the site of the old camp wall is marked with modern fibreglass and cement panels and visitors enter the site through openings in these panels.

The entrance to the East German memorial has been closed and is now used to display memorial plaques. Since April 2004, visitors enter the site via the original camp street and so follow the historical route of the prisoners. Entering on this axis point focuses the visitor's view once again on 'Tower A' as the SS architects had intended - 'Tower A' was the entrance building to the prisoner's camp. After the East German redesigning of the monument the visitor's view was focussed onto the new museum.

A new visitor tour begins in the visitor information centre and guides visitors through the entire site of the memorial. It marks the 13 exhibitions and museums distributed throughout the site as well as the 37 points on the visitor's tour.

The points on the tour enable a visitor-friendly orientation through the site and help visitors to find further information in flyers and on the audio-guides.

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The new entrance and visitor guides
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