New design

The government's special investment programme for Sachsenhausen museum and memorial.

An agreement between the Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Minister President Manfred Stolpe lead the German Bundestag to provide €9,7 million over a four your period for the refurbishment of Sachsenhausen memorial and museum. The total costs of Sachsenhausen's redevelopment will come to €14,4 million with the Bundesagentur für Arbeit contributing €3,36 million and the European Union €709,000.

The visitor information centre was opened in April 2004 and the redesigning of the entrance area should be completed by September. A new information system will complement the site, museums and exhibitions.

Modellfoto der "Station Z"
Photo: The model of 'Station Z' (Modell Photo: Prof. HG Merz Architekten)

In the spring of 2004 work began to redesign 'Station Z' - the central place of remembrance. It will be opened in April 2005 during the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the prisoners from Sachsenhausen concentration camp and Prof. HG Merz has designed a building to protect and house remains collected from the crematorium and 'Station Z'.

In summer 2004 the site where the prisoner's barracks were situated is due to be redeveloped and the exact site of each barracks will be excavated and marked to highlight the historical topography of Sachsenhausen concentration camp. The new planning is based on a sketch by Prof. HG Merz, the winner of the architect's prize in 1998.

For the duration of the works, the exhibition 'return to the historical site', on display in the camp kitchen, will provide information on the plans.

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