The concentration camp inspectorate 1938 - 1945

Between 1938 and 1945, the main 'concentration camp inspectorate' was located in the 'T-building', part of the concentration camp in Oranienburg. The inspectorate was an administrative centre responsible for all of the concentration camps throughout Germany and the occupied countries. The so-called 'T-building', named after the shape of its foundations, was built by prisoners held in Sachsenhausen. The construction of the administrative centre increased immensely the importance of Sachsenhausen as a centre of SS terror and added to the central role it played in the concentration camp system.

The members of the SS 'inspectorate' were responsible for the implementation of the holocaust on the European Jews and the genocide of the Sinti and Roma. They co-ordinated the mass murder of Soviet prisoners and the systematic killing of sick prisoners in the concentration camps. All mass killings and even the killing of every individual prisoner, was registered in this building. The people behind the 'inspectorate' assigned the prisoners starvation rations, forced labour and punishments. It was here that the systematic terror in the camps was bureaucratically planned. Beginning in 1942, the inspectorate organised forced labour in the concentration camps for the weapons industry, the exploitation of prisoners and their 'extermination by work'.

Until 1990 the 'T-building' was used by the East German Nationale Volksarmee. Today the building is mainly used by Oranienburg's finance offices. Since 1993 the Stiftung Brandenburgische Gedenkst├Ątten have also had their offices there. An exhibition, ' The Concentration Camp Inspectorate 1938-1945 - The System of Terror', describes the history of the building and the function of the inspectorate, in the rooms of the old inspector - Theodor Eicke.