The disciplinary camp and the brickworks sub-camp

In the late summer of 1938 the SS ordered prisoners to begin the construction of the world's biggest brickworks close to Lehnitz-Schleuse near Oranienburg. The prisoners were later to be forced to produce building materials for the gigantic construction plans of the SS in the Reichshauptstadt Berlin. The disciplinary camps and beginning in 1941, the sub-camps, were extensions of Oranienburg camp and were the death camps of Sachsenhausen. Here the SS killed individual prisoners and entire groups of prisoners by working them to death or in organised mass killings.

The brickworks was almost completely destroyed in an allied bombing campaign in April 1945. After the end of the war the ruins were cleared away by the Soviets and the land was used by the military until 1989.

An 'historical park' which will charter the history of the brickworks is planned for the future.

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