The disciplinary camp and the brickworks sub-camp

Forced labour in the 'brickworks death camp'

A person's workplace in the camp could determine the life - and death - of a prisoner. The conditions of work, danger and treatment by the SS all depended on the labour battalion to which a prisoner belonged. The aim of prison in the concentration camp was always to terrorise, humiliate, degrade and physically weaken the prisoners. Speaking to the camp commandant, Oswald Pohl - the person responsible for organising prisoner work, said that the work in the camp "must be physically exhausting in the truest sense of the word". From the beginning work in the brickworks was to be seen as a punishment. This was a feared place, it was here that the SS put the prisoners which they wanted to abuse or kill. It was here that Jews, Sinti and Roma, homosexuals and other groups of prisoners that had been selected for elimination were sent, for these prisoners the brickworks was nothing less than a death camp.

Civilians were in charge of the prisoners in the SS enterprises with regards to technical questions and the SS were there to discipline them. The presence of civilians had little affect on the SS and the prisoners were treated as harsh as ever.

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