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Guided tours and films

The educational department offers guided tours of Sachsenhausen and its museums. As well as short introductory tours, a number of other theme based tours are offered and are available in German, English, French, Polish, Russian and Czech.

The tours are especially popular with school classes. Prices are €15 for groups of up to 15 people and €25 for groups of up to 30 people. In our opinion groups should not consist of more than 30 people. For tours in foreign languages there is an extra charge of €25 per group.

Due to the high demand, especially for tours in the morning, it is necessary to book well in advance. The tours begin at the visitor information centre and end at the infirmary.

Guided Tours

> SAC-F001: »Introductory tour: Sachsenhausen concentration camp 1936 - 1945«
(Construction, special role, prisoners, work, resistance, extermination, perpetrators, Soviet special camp 1945 - 1950, permanent exhibition.)
2 Hours [G/E/F/P/CZ/R]

> SAC-F002: »Tour including the visitors information centre / the model / 'tower A' and roll call area«
(Introduction, the camp model, roll call area, recommended places to visit on site.)
1 hour [G/E/F/P/CZ/R]

> SAC-F003: »Introduction to the history of Sachsenhausen concentration camp« (Uses the model of the camp, history of the camp's construction and the most important places to visit.)
30 minutes [G/E/F/P/CZ/R] Reduced price €10 per group.

> SAC-F004: Theme - »Prisoners at work in Sachsenhausen and its sub-camps« (Industrial yard, video material, permanent exhibitions in barracks No.38 and No.39.)
2 hours

> SAC-F005: Theme - »Resistance and solidarity in Sachsenhausen and its sub-camps«
2 hours

> SAC-F006: Theme - »Forms of survival: culture and art in Sachsenhausen concentration camp«
(Tour, video material, individual biographies, examples.)
2 hours

> SAC-F007: Theme - »Jewish prisoners in Sachsenhausen concentration camp«
The permanent exhibition in barracks No.38.
2 hours

> SAC-F008: Theme - »Czech students in Sachsenhausen concentration camp 1939 - 1943«
(Tour, interviews with eyewitnesses, exhibition, daily life of the prisoners, individual biographies.)
2 hours

> SAC-F009: Theme - »Sinti and Roma in Sachsenhausen concentration camp«
With emphasis on the special exhibition in the industrial yard.
2 hours / 30 minutes

> SAC-F010: Theme - »French prisoners in Sachsenhausen concentration camp« (Individual biographies, everyday life in the camp, work units.)
2 hours

> SAC-F011: Theme - »Jehovah's witnesses in Sachsenhausen concentration camp« (Specifics of this prisoner group, individual biographies, video material.)
2 hours

> SAC-F012: Theme - »I was just 16 years old«
Young people in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. (Tour, solidarity with young people, permanent exhibition in barracks No.39, individual biographies, video material.)
2 hours

> SAC-F013: Theme - »The National Socialist politics of the destruction of Polish intelligence. Special action Krakow«
(Introduction, permanent exhibition in barracks No.38, infirmary and pathology building.)
2 hours

> SAC-F014: Theme - »The Soviet special camp 1945 - 1950«
(Short introduction to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, construction of the special camp, prisoner groups, prison conditions, mass graves, introduction to the permanent exhibition.)
2 hours

> SAC-F015: Theme - »Four square kilometres of a town«
The concentration camp and the SS-complex. Bike tour. (Prisoner's camp, SS settlements, inspection, the brickworks, areas used for shootings.)
3 hours

Guided tours with special themes

On many weekends various tours are offered covering special aspects of the history of Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the Soviet special camp. The dates are published on the Internet and in the media. Price: €2,50 (reduced €1,50)


> SAC-Fi001: »Concentration camp Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen 1933 – 1945«
(Chronos Film GmbH 1995)
35 Mins

> SAC-Fi002: »Sachsenhausen death camp«
Only shown together with projects.
(DEFA 1946)
35 Mins

> SAC-Fi003: »I thought the sky was falling in«
Wolfgang Szepanski and his imprisonment in Sachsenhausen concentration camp 1940 – 1945.
21 Mins

> SAC-Fi004: »The Bernhardt enterprise«
Adolf Burger reports on the counterfeiting workshop.
45 Mins

> SAC-Fi005: »Either you went mad or you became realistic«
Ex-prisoners from Sachsenhausen concentration camp.
35 Mins

> SAC-Fi006: »The Berlinskij case«
Soviet documentary about the Sachsenhausen court case 1947.
(Moscow 1948)
30 Mins

> SAC-Fi007: »Six winter nights«
The story of the young people from Greußen 1945 - 1950.
90 Mins

> SAC-Fi008: »Children in Sachsenhausen«
Medical experiments carried out on Jewish children.
60 Mins