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1933 - 1934: Oranienburg concentration camp
A concentration camp in the middle of town
A concentration camp for Berlin's regime opponents
Every day life in the camp
Closure of the camp
Concentration camp sub-camp brickworks
The commercial interests of the SS
Planning the conversion of Berlin to Germania
Forced labour in the 'brickworks death camp'
The use of the site after 1945
A chronological history
The concentration camp inspectorate

1936 - 1945: Sachsenhausen concentration camp
The ideal concentration camp
A concentration camp for the 'Reichshauptstadt'
Prisoner society
Forced labour
The victims
Evacuation, death marches and liberation

1945 - 1950: The Soviet special camp No.7 / No.1 
Introduction to the history of the Soviet special camp No.7 / No.1
Construction of the Soviet special camp
The camp's many uses
The prisoners are released: the camp is closed
Internees and the convicted
Life and dying in the camp
A break in the silence
The museum 'Soviet special camp'
1961-1992: Sachsenhausen National Memorial
Remembrance without authenticity
The site's authenticity is reduced and changed
The state opening
The one-sided historical perspective

Since 1993: Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum


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Barrack 38 / 39
Barrack 38
Barrack 39
"Tower E" the town and the camp
The Soviet special camp
Medicine and crime: Sachsenhausen's camp infirmary

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Planning the project
Visitor information centre
The new entrance and visitor guides
The central place of remembrance 'Station Z'
The design of the grounds


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Project day - camp prison building

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